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Tribal Fest 10 - My Fave Photos So Far...
Belly Dance
This time a few weeks ago, I was sitting in the Sebastopol Community Center watching performances at Tribal Fest 10!  As a belated mother's day outing, my mother came with me to experience the cacophonous and colorful world of glitter, feathers, zills, leather, coin belts, drums, and middle eastern jewelry which, if you know Tribal Fest, is set to a soundtrack of music consisting of traditional tunes frequently punctuated by rock and roll, electronica, and the occasional country piece. It's fan-FREAKING-tastic!  There wasn't a single dancer who didn't leave his/her heart on the stage this year.  I'm still processing photos (and there are SO many that I love to choose from), but here are a few of my favorites so far.

Tribal Fest 10: Serta - Spain

Tribal Fest 10: Media Noche Dance Company

Tribal Fest 10: Les Soeurs Tribales - Italy

Tribal Fest 10: Stefanie Masters - WI

Tribal Fest 10: Michelle Manx - TX

Tribal Fest 10: Kami Liddle - CA

Tribal Fest 10:Colleena Shakti - India

Tribal Fest 10: Princess Farhana - CA

Tribal Fest 10: Zoe Jakes & Friends - CA

Tribal Fest 10: Alaska of the Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe - NM

Tribal Fest 10: Deb Rubin - CA

Tribal Fest 10: - Ariellah & Desheret Dance Company - CA

There are more to come so stay tuned....


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